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We present to you our latest offering — Biotulin gel, “Botox” on a bottle, that promises younger skin for all you pretty girls and women out there. Made in Germany by our new partner, Biotulin is an all natural product and thus it contains no chemicals or parabens that most skincare products tend to have. In just 60 minutes, Biotulin reduces wrinkles and the effect is more visible when you used it twice a day. One application is good for nine hours of younger-looking skin.

Biotulin consists of all-natural ingredients, no chemicals added. One application is good for nine (9) hours. It is best to use it twice a day, daily. The longer the usage, uninterruptedly, the bigger the effect. For best result, please use product and set as follows: Morning: 1,) wash, clean and dry skin, 2.) use roller horizontally and vertically several times to open pores (if available) 3.) Apply good amount on skin, 4.) Massage until fully absorbed, -- Now your daily make-up routine can follow. -- Evening: See steps 1 -4 from above. Using it sporadically will have the effect lost - an uninterrupted usage will go for the effect to blossom.

The gel is stable up to 35 degrees centigrade. Please store the dispensers in room-temperature, away from direct sunlight. As long as you do not break the seal, there is no expiration date. Once opened for the first time, the dispensr should get used up within 12 months.

The gel is vacuum-filled into the black, inner container, the pump is a manual pump. When you pump the gel out and then release the pump, the remains of the gel on the tip will get sucked back in - no spillage. Between the inner and outer container is also a vacuum, isolating the inner one even further.

Philippine skin is type III to type IV, therefore thicker than caucasian skin. A dermaroller with 0.3mm to 0.5mm long needles, rolled over the skin-area in question several times horizontally and vertically, opens the skin and allows for a higher quantity of the active ingredient to penetrate the skin (do not apply too much pressure, do not draw blood - it is up to every individual client to see what works best for him/her).The effect will be bigger and also the skin own collagen production will be activated, reducing fine lines even further.



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