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A light-revealing sheer makeup foundation that evens skin tone, refreshes, and creates a youthful-looking complexion. 

What it does: 
This sheer foundation restores skin’s radiance and minimizes signs of fatigue as it unifies, smooths, refreshes, and plumps the appearance of skin. It creates a natural-looking result and evens skin tone without thickness, providing a mask effect that leaves the skin feeling softer, smoother, and fresher. Formulated with rainbow-perfecting technology, it’s infused with "rainbow" pearl pigments in red, blue, green, and gold shades that blend onto the skin to subtly correct, unify, and revive the complexion. The result is a face that appears more rested, plumper, and more radiant. It leaves behind a delicate violet fragrance that is inimitable and ultra-addictive. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 
- Parabens 
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

What else you need to know: 
Inspired by pearls of light, this product offers a combination of six actions in a magical, feather-light, refined texture with a violet fragrance, the legendary scent of Météorites.

✔ Sheer 

Skin type: 
✔ Sensitive 
✔ Normal 
✔ Dry 
✔ Combination 
✔ Oily 

✔ Radiant 

- SPF 25  

Research results: 
In a satisfaction test with 60 women applying the foundation daily for 1 week: 
- 100% said it gives a natural result and unifies without thickness and mask effect 
- 100% said the skin is softer, smoother, and fresher 
- 98% said imperfections are blurred and color irregularities are softened 
- 98% said signs of tiredness are less visible 
- 95% said skin looks re-plumped



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