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Unicorns Hi Lite Palette

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We get it: you're extra. 'Glitter' is your middle name, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal your jam. When you go out, your cheeks better glow & sparkle like a disco ball! HI-LITE: Unicorns is the most outrageous highlighter we've ever done - more pigment, more glow, and even more glitter! We dare you to wear these 3 shades separately or together for a brilliant rainbow effect.

As the Unicorn Queen says, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."

The Unicorns Hi-Lite palette contains 3 magical highlighter shades: Electric Pink, Green, and Mauve-Gold shift.

What it does: Thin, silky formula melts seamlessly into skin and adapts to your complexion. Lasts all day - no re-applications needed. Makes you feel like a real unicorn!

What it won't do: Look greasy, grey, glittery, or unflattering. Highlight skin imperfections or enlarge pores. Sit on top of skin looking obvi.


  • Dust over cheeks, brow bone, all over the lids, cupid's bow, nose bridge & tip of the nose to feel like a mythical creature!
  • Can be worn over foundation or bare skin (pop on some moisturizer for maximum glow!).



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